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* Datastream Chart Studio (DSCHART)
Quick Start Guide. - The Datastream Chart Studio provides an intuitive interface to display any indicator available in Datastream and leverages Datastream’s powerful library of analytical functions. The add-in for Microsoft Office (DFO) allows charts to be transferred as refreshable objects toExcel, Word and PowerPoint.This short guide covers the basic functionality and will help you get started.

* Datastream Navigator 4.7
- Quick reference card

* Datastream For Office (DFO) add-in
- Quick reference card

* User Guide Hints & Tipps
- A-Z of Datastream expressions for popular indicators, adjustments and calculations
- Other helpful hints for Datastream expressions and functions
- Units, scale and currency
- DFO and Datastream Charting workflow tips
- Using VBA commands to customize your sheets and inhouse time series uploads - Datastream For Office (DFO)3.0

* Refinitiv Eikon with Refinitiv Datastream (for Office)
- Tipps & tricks for workflows, charting and MS-Office/Excel usage.